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Since the beginning of time, women have sought midwives for advice, assistance and companionship during pregnancy and childbirth. Today’s midwives have the opportunity for education and intensive training. While the preparation for our profession has changed, the philosophy of our work is much the same as it has always been. Pregnancy and childbirth are viewed as normal, natural functions of a very wise body. We can trust birth.

Pregnancy and childbirth are major life experiences and each woman is unique. Spokane Midwives strives to give each family the individual attention needed to have a birth that is both satisfying and safe. We use traditional skills combined with modern medical techniques to safeguard the normal and ensure prompt diagnosis and referral of complications. Each visit with your Midwife allows plenty of time for questions, discussion and family involvement. All decisions regarding care are made together.

Jane Silver, CNM Victoria Stickelmeyer, CPM, LM

I have been attending women and families in birth since 2004 when my interests and efforts in healthcare landed me in a mother-baby postpartum care facility in England, I was a young auxiliary nurse and I was fascinated by the transformation birth could bring. I pursued work in maternity healthcare internationally as well as closer to home where I became a doula for under-served families in Seattle. Over the years I have worked in Tanzania, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Peru with various birth communities. I co-taught a Birth Culture course at the University of Washington helping to empower and educate young college students about birth options in our country. As a baccalaureate-nursing student at UW I had began to narrow my focus to nurse-midwifery and women’s health care. I was compelled to support women of all ages as they navigate their reproductive lifespan. During my Seattle years I facilitated a hospital based volunteer doula program at the University of Washington Medical Center, UWMC, which I would love to see happen here in our Spokane birthing community.

I moved to Spokane in 2009 to follow my heart and plant roots in the city where I was born and raised. I have wonderful family and community here and now my sweetheart and I are married and well settled in Peaceful Valley. I have been part of the Sacred Heart Medical Center emergency department family as an RN since I moved to Spokane in 2009. After completing my Doctor of Nursing Practice at the University of Washington in June of 2013 I emerged as a doctorate prepared Certified Nurse-Midwife and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in Washington State.

I was graciously welcomed into the Spokane Midwives community and started attending births with both Victoria Stickelmeyer and Linda Morgan in September 2013. I am honored to be here helping women and families in my own community gain empowering pregnancy and birth experiences. I am very excited to begin offering well woman, gynecologic, reproductive and primary health care in our practice.

I have been attending natural births in the hospital and in private homes since 1991. My passion has always been to empower women to have the childbirth experience they desire and deserve with the least amount of intervention. Because of this, my own midwife and first mentor in 1996 exclaimed: “Someday, you will make an excellent midwife!”  I accepted her compliment, embraced the calling, but shelved the dream until my own three children were old enough to function with a mother in college who also had to attend births. I wanted to be a safe, thoughtful, confident midwife when the time was right, and when my family was ready for me be dedicated to my clientele.

In 20 years of training I have participated in many beautiful natural births, the births of twins, breech, large babies and very small, and multiple vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC).  I worked as an assistant at a high volume birth center here in Spokane and as an Apprentice with two midwives, each having over 30 years experience in home birth.

My Midwifery education took place at Aviva College, Brigham Young University, and Spokane Falls Community College; each with Honors. I completed the North American Registry of Midwives Certified Professional Midwife Program and recently gained the recognition of Licensed Midwife in Washington State, one of the states with the highest standards for midwives seeking to practice out-of-hospital.

I have attended to rare emergencies that have included babies in need of full resuscitation, severe postpartum hemorrhage, birth defects, and maternal and/or newborn transports. As difficult as these situations can be, they were incredibly valuable learning experiences.

A little something personal ~
I was born at Holy Family Hospital, grew up in Spokane and have raised my children here. My husband of 20 years, Lee, was also born and raised here, is an incredibly supportive natural birth advocate. He cheered me through our births: one at Holy Family and two at home in our bedroom with Licensed Midwives. I am very grateful for the people who surround me so that I can be fully available to my birthing families.

Remember...you stand in a place few understand the meaning of, that those you guide
depend on you to be a watchful, honorable and compassionate shepherdess.
  ~Tamara Taitt