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Since the beginning of time, women have sought midwives for advice, assistance and companionship during pregnancy and childbirth. Today’s midwives have the opportunity for education and intensive training. While the preparation for our profession has changed, the philosophy of our work is much the same as it has always been. Pregnancy and childbirth are viewed as normal, natural functions of a very wise body. We can trust birth.

Pregnancy and childbirth are major life experiences and each woman is unique. Spokane Midwives strives to give each family the individual attention needed to have a birth that is both satisfying and safe. We use traditional skills combined with modern medical techniques to safeguard the normal and ensure prompt diagnosis and referral of complications. Each visit with your Midwife allows plenty of time for questions, discussion and family involvement. All decisions regarding care are made together.

  Victoria Stickelmeyer, CPM, LM          Dawn Brown, CPM, LM
Dawn Brown

I have been attending natural births in the hospital and in private homes since 1991. My passion has always been to empower women to have the childbirth experience they desire and deserve with the least amount of intervention. Because of this, my own midwife and first mentor in 1996 exclaimed: “Someday, you will make an excellent midwife!” I accepted her compliment, embraced the calling, but shelved the dream until my own three children were old enough to function with a mother in college who also had to attend births. I wanted to be a safe, thoughtful, confident midwife when the time was right, and when my family was ready for me be dedicated to my clientele.

In 20 years of training I have participated in many beautiful natural births, the births of twins, breech, large babies and very small, and multiple vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC). I worked as an assistant at a high volume birth center here in Spokane and as an Apprentice with two midwives, each having over 30 years experience in home birth.

My Midwifery education took place at Aviva College, Brigham Young University, and Spokane Falls Community College; each with Honors. I completed the North American Registry of Midwives Certified Professional Midwife Program and gained the recognition of Licensed Midwife in Washington State, one of the states with the highest standards for midwives seeking to practice out-of-hospital.

I have attended to rare emergencies that have included babies in need of full resuscitation, severe postpartum hemorrhage, birth defects, and maternal and/or newborn transports. As difficult as these situations can be, they were incredibly valuable learning experiences.

A little something personal ~ I was born at Holy Family Hospital, grew up in Spokane and have raised my children here. I birthed one at Holy Family and two at home with Licensed Midwives. Those children are now grown and I have two beautiful grandchildren that I was blessed to have "Midwifed" while their Daddy caught them. I live on a small farm caring for horses, chickens, goats, and ducks as well as a small pack of dogs and kitties. I am very grateful for the people who surround me so that I can be fully available to my birthing families.


After my second baby, who was birthed in the water at the birth center, I remember looking at my midwife and saying "I can't believe you get paid for doing this job". From there I knew this was the calling on my life, to take the many years of schooling, life passions, experiences and use it to support women during the childbearing years.

I started midwifery school in 2012 through Midwives College of Utah. Through my 5 years, just to graduate from school, I attended 300 in 4 different birth centers in; Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Utah. I obtained the national Certified Professional Midwife CPM in 2015. I was able to finish my last few births to graduate Spokane Midwives with Victoria as my Preceptor, so coming back to work here in 2018 has been a full circle and feels like home.

Before I was a Midwifery student, I worked in a very different setting. My training consists of a bachelor's from Eastern Washington University in Speech and Hearing disorders where I worked with Special Olympics for many years and the Spokane Guild school. I was a licensed EMT right out of high school and traveled on medical mission trips in Africa, Russia, Thailand , India and many others.

I enjoy doing research and keeping up with the latest studies. I continue to take classes for Birth Emergency Skills, Cultural Competency, Breech & Twins. Im working towards getting my International Breastfeeding Certificate. I also have a passion for Thyroid disorders and women's health as this is a personal journey for myself.

I have been supporting families in the childbearing years since 2002 . I started by volunteering as a doula through Catholic Charities and Life services with their Teen moms program, teaching childbirth classes and breastfeeding support. I ran a successful business called Baby Steps Spokane for 5 years, teaching classes, doula work with a focus on networking families with the community providers. I have taught midwifery classes to students and midwives on many of my world travels. As well as teaching CPR classes alongside my mother, an RN of 40 years, who has been one of my biggest inspirations of using my gifts and passion in the medical feild.

My husband and I are the parents of three wonderful teenagers. It feels like not so long ago I was pregnant and preparing for my labors. My first daughter was born in a hospital with a nurse midwife, As a hospital setting goes with many interventions it was not the birth I desired, so for my second baby at 36 weeks I switched to Spokane Midwives and had my son at the birth center and then 2 years later my daughter was birthed at home. Each experience was lovley in its own way, and each one was also a learning experience. As for many women, it may take many months or even years to truly process your births. I do remember the difference with having an out of hospital Midwife, even though I grew up in the medical field with both parents working in the hospital, the confidence and training of the midwives gave me a safe and secure place to birth my baby the way I had always felt was possible. The best part was having the postpartum home visits that focused on postpartum healing, breastfeeding and family support. My husband and I have moved way too many times during our 20+ years of marriage and are happy to call Spokane our home for at least a few more years. On my days off, we practically live in the outdoors and you can find us out on the trails, running, dirt biking, or long hikes. I love to garden, read books and watch movies with my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many families who have let me join them in the journey of their pregnancy and birth and I look to support many more in the years to come.

Remember...you stand in a place few understand the meaning of, that those you guide
depend on you to be a watchful, honorable and compassionate shepherdess.
  ~Tamara Taitt